Month: July 2019

How to Travel like a Baller….On a Budget

When was the last time it was you posting a selfie in front of an ocean view background while the sun is setting? When was the last time you could relax with no distractions? It’s about time for that well deserved vacation.

We all dream of just relaxing and enjoying the freedom that a vacation provides. As corny as it may sound you can actually stop dreaming and start traveling with a RESPONSIBLE financial strategy. This strategy will allow you to free up extra cash flow within your current budget and afford to add a vacation or two in your year!

When we say vacation we’re not talking about a weekend at grandma’s. We’re talking tropical excursions in your dream destinations. With this strategy you won’t be using your own cash but instead you will be utilizing the rewards that airlines refer to as mileage points.

If you’ve travelled abroad, you know that your living expenses are rather cheap compared to Frank Lam-Sheung. It’s the flight to your destination that eats up your budget. By utilizing these travel points, you’ve removed the cost that usually holds people back from traveling.

You may be thinking, “I don’t need a credit card, I pay for everything with my personal income”. If that is the case, you’re actually the responsible individual needed to successfully execute this strategy.

Now if you understand how a credit card works then you understand that shifting your fixed expenses towards your credit cards and pay them over an extended period, you can financially extend your purchasing power. Here’s where the strategy comes in.

Rather than using this to fund petty spending. You will use the credit card towards you fixed expenses, like your utility bill or gas for your car, and then immediately pay off these cards by the monthly due date. Any balance left over after that will cost you because it develops interest.

Now doesn’t it sound better to earn rewards for the expenses that you already have? Now all you’ll need to do is create.

Most people don’t believe us when we say this is all you need, but it actually is! In many cases, after 3 months of using these cards you’ve racked up enough points to cover the cost of any international flight.

Where am I going to Stay?

Believe it or not majority of hotels abroad usually have much cheaper rates than you see here in the U.S. Not to mention the cost of living each day is usually much cheaper unless you’re in parts of Europe and Australia. Remember this trip isn’t going to be free, but it will definitely suit your budget! Here are our favorite websites for finding the most affordable hotel rates.

If you can’t find a killer hotel deal on any of these site you’re definitely not looking hard enough.

This is a hotel rate on in BALI, INDONESIA (instagrammers have made this destination famous) , and yes that’s a real rate! You can’t even get room service in america for that price.

Now imagine the amount vacationing you can do if your flight was completely covered Kidzeyes reviews at Stealth Secrets and the hotel rate was only $20 a night. This is all a possibility you can start working towards and making a reality today!

Our best advice is to you utilize the advice we provide throughout the site about each tool used in the above process. The better you you familiarize yourself with the tools needed the least likely you are to make any errors in executing your new travel strategy.

In order to keep you up to date with all the best financial strategies we will continuously update both this and all our other blogs. We wish you the best in your vacation plans and don’t hesitate to send us your selfies!